Interesting motorcycles, not XS650



we see video V6 mercury 2 stroke in a motorbike... Funny, I always liked the johnnyrood V6...and wanted to stuff one in an MGA Oh well. The johnnyroods get used in homebuilt helios, wot ah seen. Later...
Two of the most exhilarating motorcycles I’ve ever ridden.

The first generation Ducati Hypermotard, at the time I had a new Triumph and I was at the dealership getting my bike serviced. I asked a salesman for a demo ride on the Hypermotard, and they just threw me the keys, Wheee! :bike: The riding position felt strange to me, it’s kind of a racers crouch with your feet tucked up behind you and you lean forward over the tank. Not comfortable at all for me, but…..the sensation was pure joy. In that position, the bike sort of disappears beneath you, all you see is the road ahead. It was the closest thing to flying that I ever felt on a motorcycle.

The other was the Honda 919 or Hornet depending on what part of the world you live in. I had the opportunity to ride this at a factory demo even. It had a similar riding position as the Ducati, but this was the fastest revving, fastest accelerating bike I’ve ever thrown a leg over. When you are riding and you look down the road, it seems as soon as you twist the throttle, you are at the point you just looked at. Like…instantly! A guy could get into trouble with a bike like that! :devil: