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I have been wanting to do this for a looong time and feel like this is the year! I would like to find a project bike to work on this winter. My end goal is a hard-tailed bobber that has a very narrow and stripped-down look. I would be looking at going kick only and a battery-less setup. I am looking for anything from a non-running basket case or engine/frame combo to a running bike to an already built bobber. Pretty sure that cutting frames isn't super well received here and I myself am not super interested in cutting apart a great looking bike. So, I have a preference for a beater or a bike that is already hard tailed. I am located in Bozeman MT.

Thanks in advance for any help!
bumping again to get to 5 posts so I can send PMs. Here is a pic of my tw200 :)
I was just thinking it is time to sell mine. It is a 1979 xs650 special. Been sitting in barn since @ 2000. Used to ride daily until I bought newer bike. Always had plans to turn into something special but never did anything with it. Bike is stock, even has old school vetter windshield with hard saddle bags. Located in North Carolina. Email me if interested
I have three titled XS650's here in Olympia WA. Two are rough 80'ish specials, one is a 73 XS-2 that would actually make a decent restoration candidate but I already have one thats completed. I need to sell these (cheap) for more projects bike space.
I have a 1976 XS650 in pieces (and needs pieces) I'm in Southern California. Just moved here from Illinois and as much as I want to work on this project I'll probably look to move it on.