Itchy Boots Fan Boi's (Spoilers Ahead)

Thank you, Jim. Had a quick look for a map but couldn't find. It is a mostly off-road route? Must cross the Appalation Trail about Tennessee someplace?
Mostly unpaved. Not suitable for everyday street cars. Noraly roads.
The Appalachian Trail starts in Georgia. From there to North Carolina. Tennessee got skipped. It goes all the way to Maine. Hikers only.
Boy is she a great rider now eh? How she followed that guy down that scrabbly hill on the too big for her Ducati- quite something! I could see her buying one for selective rides with others and keep her small light bike for when she is alone.
Now she’s out of commission for like two months. 😕
I can’t believe how hard those rallies are. Super rough trails at high speeds while trying to watch that rolling map. You gotta go fast….but not too fast.
It’s funny but at the beginning of the episode when she was flying along those roads that were SO ROCKY, I remember thinking, good Lord! If she crashes , she’ll break her bones!