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I hope you haven't ordered more jets on my previous advice; that non-US needle jet/needle combo is significantly richer than stock US NJ and the Dyno Tune. I now have the 336-Y-0/51X11 installed and I'm back down to 137.5 main with 45 pilot and still sorting. You may be good right as you stand. I should have riding weather for the next couple of days and, hopefully, finalize the tune.

Sorry for leading you off!
No worries JP!
I did order more jets, going through the tuning guide it’s advised that when you think you have it check the size below and above to be sure. With that in mind I just ordered what I think it’s gonna be and a few above just to go through the motions. They aren’t too expensive and I was ordering some other parts anyways. Good luck with the final tuning!