Just getting started.

Yayyyy PMA install underway.


Going to have to rewire most of the electronics as my complete electrical box is now going to need reorganization. No more old school regulator and RadioShack rectifier. Once this is completed it's on to the PAMCO.
on mine the sticker on the flywheel came off and wadded up. i think the heat loosens the gum.

also noticed you should get a locking washer for the nut on your front sprocket.
Things have come to a halt for me lately. First with the death of my sister and then a couple weeks later my buddy Dave. My bike is still in Dave's garage from what I've been told I am still welcome to work on it. But the family has been dealing with other things, like tying up loose ends etc.

Not sure if I'm going to keep it there or not as of yet. It would be nice to, as there is a lot of space, tools, etc. etc. if I bring her home it'll have to be kept outdoors, and with the kids and dogs running around it runs the risk of damage. What to do, what to do......

I need to start turning wrenches again. Going stir crazy.
Sorry for your losses, especially with them being so close together!

It's hard going back because you want to give the family time but at the same time your going nuts! It shows you care and you're human.
I would get her home as some as I could if it was me.
Working on our bikes is good therapy for us.
I know s soon as my shoulder is well enough I will go and get my Triumph and ride her home to start work on her.
Time helps soothe our soul.
And working helps pass the time.
TC Brother.
Oh, man, double-whammy. My heart goes out to you, bud.

A heavy-duty fabric type cycle cover might help protect your bike from the household antics...
I feel your pain I lost a few family members and friends over the past few years.
I might look into a 10x12 garden shed One made of wood, not the cheapy steel ones. You can lock it up to keep the kids out.
And yes time with the bike is great therapy. Fixing or riding.