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I've looked at some reports on the lil 400s - very tempting especially at that price.

But I'm not in the market for sommat new . . . still trying to sell the Interceptor.

Now there's an idea Ads, save on the 400 and buy a lightly used 650?
If I didn't have Taffy I would have jumped on the Interceptor. Pity for you I only need one Vertical twin in my shed.

By the way I ain't buying 'owt either!
So there.

Yesterday Taffy was causing much interest at the Triumph dealer next door to my work place.

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Today Geoff Bevan (Triumph Delership Owner) called in to see me.
I have known him for some years and he has previously offered a test ride on any bike in the dealership; but I never found the time or was too far away.
He said to me ''Nice bike that Yamaha Adam; maybe you should try one of my machines?''
So I agreed, and sttled on trying bikes from opposite ends of thier range.


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First up will be the new Triumph 400. 40 horses and just 27 ft-lbs. Should handle well.
Build quality is fantastic for what is an entry level bike. Price from £4,995.00 Thats cheaper than some Royal Enfields!


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A bit intimidated by this beast. 3 cyclender 2458cc monster engine.
Torque is 163ft-lbs and a full 165 horses through the back wheel.
At £22,695.00 (£24,000 for the Storm version) I dont think I will be shopping too soon.

What a contrast in machines. Booked in for next Wednesday, weather permitting.

I will let you know.
Ads. :bike:
Neither of those Triumph's can match the beautiful simplicity of your build.
Neither of those Triumph's can match the beautiful simplicity of your build.
''Finally someone says it :thumbsup:''

Thanks so much for the kind comments.
I love Taffy too much to even contemplate chopping in for a new bike.
I put a lot of love, time (and money), into Taffy; and only now am I getting the chance to enjoy its character.
So I agreed, and sttled on trying bikes from opposite ends of thier range. TRIUMPH SPEED 400 and ROCKET 3 GT

Seven years ago now, having owned a couple of Triumphs, I went to a local dealer and took one of their 900cc Street Twins for a spin. Looked just like this but with a stock looking Akropovic exhaust. Not loud but deeper sounding.

I was absolutely smitten! It is relatively small in stature and I couldn’t recommend it for a tall person, but at less than 440 lbs. gassed up and ready to go, it was lightweight and nimble, handled like a Triumph should, and the exhaust sound was intoxicating! I wound up buying my XS2 project instead, but I’ve never forgotten that bike. 🙄
Bag on bars, TS on tree, and a treat for Der Kammeraden Obergrenadier of certain memories. The WW2 Red Army star, our allies, sorta!
Barmount deflects the wind rather nicely.
On serious, note that the POS self-threading HD OEM screws are replaced with stainless studs and nuts. The gaiters are fubared, but they remain effective against rock nicks. The TS mount is a bit tricky but doable without cutting the wiring. The distance 'tween the lamps may be measured several ways, and local arbitrary cop rules can be interpreted as legal or not. Since I never use electric turn signals I don't give a chit.
Did it involve Larry, Daryl and his other brother Daryl?
Club had a fleet of 6 identical 28 foot racer cruisers around 2006. I was the first fleet champion. I added 4 inch black letters to the starboard side of the upper transom, "LARRY". Under cover of darkness I added "Daryl" to the other five boats. 😎
We might not have great Mountains here in the Netherlands
I don’t have mountains here in Mississippi either. I do have plenty of interesting things to explore and some wonderful roads to ride on. I was never really interested in coming here, but now that I’m here, I don’t just make the best of it, I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m sure that I would discover riding in the Netherlands would be an incredible experience on any motorcycle.
We live on the eastern edge of the "Driftless Area".
The topography is coulee and ridge, formed by erosion, and never bulldozed by glaciers. Area contains some of the best motorcycle roads in the midwest, State County and Township roads wander through valleys and bump over hills in rural Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa.
So just some shots from a pleasant jog in the driftless on Madness today. Sorry phone camera is about done for.
Typical valley
madness driftless5.jpg
Couldn't pass up a little humor..
madness driftless4.jpg
Just a bunch of old implements...
madness driftless3.jpg
Wisconsin has a rustic roads program mostly gravel byways, less traveled. Was on several of them today.
madness driftless2.jpg
madness driftless1.jpg
madness driftless.jpg
Was too nice to just wrench all day.
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