kick start only? and a wiring diargam for dummies

Thanks Hop! Anything you suggest to plug those bastards. I was wondering why my idle was so high.

I've been using a length of fuel line, which runs from one barb to the other barb,with small clamps on each. I've tried using rubber vacuum caps that are sold in automotive supply stores, but they don't last very long..................all too soon they crack and air leaks cause idle to wander again.

The fuel line is much more robust, and lasts very well. IIRC its 3/16" fuel line.
Back from the dead...I've been scouring the wiring diagrams thread trying to wrap my head around what this diagram would look if using stock points and Kick only. If anyone could lend a little MS paint help it would be greatly appreciated. It really helps to visually see what changes would be made. Thanks in advance.
Try using a diagram from a 70 or 71, they were kick only.
On that one diagram minidanzig posted there is one mistake. The 20 amp fuse. The cap should hook directly to the red wire of the reg/rec. The fuse should be between this connection and the switch.
In that set up if the fuse blows the reg/rec will go uncontrolled and send high voltage bursts of 20 volts or more into the rest of the system.
That's not a good thing.
Can someone tell me what component this is?


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What do your state regs say about horns? Up here in Washington State, they are mandated. A loud horn is a good safety item, too. The stock horn is a little "Meeep" sort of sound. I have a pair of Fiamm horns- high and low tones. About 100dBs of sound.

I'm gonna say this once and then duck under the table to avoid the wrenches being thrown at me:

TC Bros has your choice of three minimalist 'chopper wiring harnesses' for under $40. Unless you have a supply of wire (In more than one color) and connectors for the ends, one of these might be a better value than making your own. Of course, "making your own' is part of the XS Thing but doing it cheaper and better is part of it, too.
i bought a cheap little bussmann fuse panel and here is mine...


That's a great diagram, but the 20 A fuse serves no purpose and if it blows or just comes loose, the regulator will go nuts and possibly fry the electrical system. Here is a better diagram:

twindallas, those are the brushes. And that diagram is for the 80 up bikes.
I have a '73 tx650
Trying to figure out what I need to have a solid system.
I have the TC bros chopper wiring harness for a points ignition system - but the xs650 I bought didnt come with the stock wiring harness. Do I need the stock wiring harness as well?
I have a points system and a stock stator. Do I NEED a PMA?

My bike came with the ignition coils, a regulator/rectifier unit, tc bros wiring harness, spark plug wires and caps - that's all.
I definitely need an ignition switch, as one didn't come with it. I was looking at a Bussmann fuse panel as well - im thinking I need one of these?

I was to run strictly kick only! Thanks guys
I sell a wire harness kit that give you the wires for LIGHTS BRAKE SWITCH HORN also wire for COIL AND IGNITION
You already have the TCBROTHERS one for charging
My kits get you started and you just have to add the fuse box or fuses - switches - and your parts
KIT IS $55.00 but since you are in Canada $45.00 plus the shipping and one is yours
PM me if interested


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Most auto parts store sell vacuum caps, the 7/32 size works well. Brake bleeder sarew covers work to.