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Have question on the left side engine cover, the one that covers the alternator and has the adjuster for the clutch. Another member is looking for one for a 1971. I thought I had one off a 1972 but when I went to look all the ones I have are on the same shelf so I have no idea if one of them is off the 1972.

Guess the real question is are there any differences from say a 1971 to a 1982? Looking at the ones I have they all look the same with quick look.

Thanks for any advice!
Ken in NY
Skull posted a pic to a thread yesterday showing the difference.
Looking down from above the cover when in situ on the engine, the early covers have a sharp 90* where the cover meets the engine, the newer models are rounded there.

See "Rays mongrel build".
Bolt pattern is different on the early covers. Shift pattern and Made in Japan are missing on early covers. Pry slot underneath clutch adjust cover is missing on early....

left cover1.png

left cover2.png
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I miss that era of motorcycling when the manufacturer wasn't so blantenly and intentionally trying to make it hard on the consumers

I miss the days of 650rider when dingbats weren't protected from the free flowing and colorful vocabulary. .......that this site mandates and gggGary moderates..........and rightfully so.
Going through a couple keeper parts bins from quite a few years ago in my old 650 parts room.Reaching out;What years had the shift pattern casting?TIA.


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