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Ok boys show the goods .... You have all seen mine, but I'll start off the thread .....:thumbsup:

The blue one is a 72, it has been bored out to 760cc, running 34.5mm dellorto carbs, with a 70's tracy body.

The red one is bored out to 707cc, with webcam camshaft, 32mm dellortos, it now has cast wheels front and back and a very small head light fairing.


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Ok, here is the most current photo of my project.


I have a little bit of work left to do before it gets stripped for paint, polish, and powder coating. The color scheme is going to be gunmetal and silver. It's got a stretched and braced swingarm, modified seat rails, battery box on the swingarm, Mikuni 34mm VM carbs, Boyer ignition, hydraulic clutch, forward controls, Ural headlight, and a few other things here and there. I need to get this done so I can :bike:
Thanks! I will if I ever finish it! :doh:

I already have another XS650 project lined up, need to finish the SR500, and after you started that trike thread, now I want to build one of those. :D
yeah i think everyone should try their hands at ,at least one trike project:twocents:what kinda rear fender do you have on the rear of that bike , its a killer look:thumbsup:
I had it made to my specifications by a guy who rolls fenders. He couldn't get exactly the diameter I needed so I had to cut the slits like that and clamp it together and weld it to take about and ¾"out of the diameter. It hugs the tire pretty close and has a 2 inch skirt. I had the battery box and the struts cut out on a waterjet. Where the struts mount to the battery box (on the swingarm), I designed it so the whole fender and struts can and move back and forth about 1 3/8 so if the chain stretches or I change gearing I can still line up the fender over the tire.
my new projects, the white one is getting chopped and bobbed and the other one is eventually just going to get finished, just got them about 2 weeks ago but havnt been able to start on them because of school but the semester is almost over then its CHOP TIME!!! WHOO HOOO!

TO ARDCORE CHOPPERS: hey man love the bike! i have been trying to find a way to do a kicker pedal like the one you have on your bike, was wondering how you did it. thanks.