Haha, I like it, thanx for the ride. Reminds me of when I cafe'd mine.
That silver on black is super sharp.

What if the silver pattern on the tank was rectangulared, fattened and wedged to compliment the sidecover. Like, imagine the sidecover trim rotated 180° and placed at the leading edge of the tank, with the leading edge parallel with the front downtubes...

Awesome that you're in Omaha! And not that I'm aware of on the the plate, other than it being a historical, that's just what they gave me at the DMV. I'd probably like black letters anyway, haha.

Thanks man! I like that idea, actually I was trying to imagine how something similar would might look like on there, none of the originals seemed to come to a sharp point like that. Might have to give it a try.
I just scored this on Ebay. Destined for remod to café or street bob.


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hi there
heres a couple of pix of my 77 xs motor with some stuff that ive built around it.
its in the shakedown phase at the moment as i built it first before looking at the motor too hard.
speaking from experience i know that if i did it the other way id end up with a box of bits in the garage under the bench ,this way i have a working bike that just needs a bit of sorting ready for spring cool huh?


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good thinking ....thats defo the way to do it Chop7:thumbsup::D

Welcome to the forum . Why not start a seperate 'build thread' where you can keep us abreast of progress and you'll have a good record of all the work too.
Check out the UK forum customxs650 .http://www.customxs650.com/ There is probably quite a few members near you.

You do have to refresh the page every time to get onto the site though for some reason :wink2:
Here's my 1974 650 . The pics with the lower bars is how I bought it I added the bars and new switches. I chose black because I plan to paint the lower forks and wheels back also. Still a few other things i want to do to it, like lift the front of the tank to name one but it's a start
So I've had this XS since it was new in 1979. For years I wanted something different so here is my dry build. Will be lacing up new rims this winter and making other refinements.


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Thanks for the compliment. I had reservations about taking what was a very clean 79 Special II and doing this to it, but I've had the bike for 35 years and wasn't riding it much in the form that it was in. I also have a 07 R1200RT and a 76 R60/6 so this bike rounds out my ride options nicely.
I bought this bike last weekend the plan is to cafe the bike. Right now I'm in the process of putting the bike back together to see if it runs and modifying as I go.


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Hi all - just bought this.

It's getting street trackered, so i have a motolanna seat on the way, new bars, lights etc. Need to source a brembo front caliper too, as 1970s brakes weren't great then and haven't improved any.
Bloody thing decided to stop playing this weekend, wouldn't fire up, and no evident spark at the plug - and then when i switched the ignition off, it'd ignite the fuel in the pipes and gave an almighty bang. It sounded like a driveby, i thought the cops were going to arrive any minute. Anyway, seems it was a duff battery - tried starting it with it connected to a charger, and all good....


Oops, I originally had this post in the wrong place so moved it here .....

Hi, I've posted a few messages since I joined XS650.com but I've not yet posted anything about my bikes. I've only had XSs for about 3 yrs now. My first purchase was a red 79 SE, sight unseen, off Ebay that needs so much doing to it that I ended up buying a second 'cos I was hooked! I never intended to keep the black one standard so after a little thought I decided to go the cafe racer route. Not hardcore cafe so, tell you what, let's call what I've produced a Latte racer for now.....

I've tried to keep to the premise of an original UK cafe racer. Y'know, the sort of thing a youth would likely have done to his Beezer, Trumpet or whatever back in the day. Where possible, I've done it myself and economically as possible although my wife may not agree with that last bit! At all times (except over Winter) the bike was kept roadworthy and all work was undertaken outside.

I started off with a US import XS650 SH that I picked up on Ebay for a few hundred quid. One of the pics shows it on the day it was delivered to me. Fairly corroded but nigh on complete, it had been stored in a lock up over here in Blighty for over 10 years.

After getting it running and stopping, next up was to undo as many of the PO's bodges as possible, tart it up a little, get it through our MOT roadworthy test and hit the road. With that milestone reached I took the now clean and tidy (read '10 yarder') bog stock SH (with the exception of the SG seat and the Sport front mudguard) and set about disguising it's origins.

I'll not bore you with a blow-by-blow account of how I did what, when and why, what I tried and discarded but simply list what forms the bike you see in the pics. Starting from the front:

- Pirelli Strada 3.25 x 19
- Green compound brake pads (too hard, not stop!)
- Rebuilt forks with Minton mods and gaiters
- Sports mudguard
- T140 Lucas "Prince of Darkness" headlight and peak
- Stainless headlight brackets
- Chromed alloy mini indicators
- 2" Clubman handlebars with dual-compound kevlar grips
- Honda(?) master cylinder
- 1 3/8" id header pipes with shorty BES Megaton reverse cone megas (loud!)
- Cut, shut, sectioned 'n' cowled SG seat and foam with reconstructed XS1 cover
- 1994 Kawasaki GPz500S CVK34 carbs with "Ninja EX500 carbs on a XS650?" thread mods
- Pipercross foam filters (similar to Uni pods)
- Not-so-rearset modified 1980s Yamsel 'rearset' pegs and levers on home-brewed brackets
- Hagon rear shocks
- Lucas tail-light on home-brewed bracket
- Bridgestone BT45 130/90 x 16

I just need to make a pair of tank badges for it and I'm done. It's still a '10 yard' bike but I'm happy.

One thing I kept to rigidly is that I have not cut off one surplus bracket, etc. and I've kept all parts that I removed so that, if I feel like it, I can return it back to standard. It wouldn't look pretty and I doubt if I ever would want to but the option is there all the same.

Right, time to put my earplugs in and go for a ride.....

Hi all,

I've made a few subtle changes to the old girl now. My ringing ears have made me fit replica Dunstall reverse cone megas which, thankfully, are quieter and look more 'cafe-racer' style than the shorties. I tried 4" drop clubman bars but my aching wrists and back said I should stick to the 2" bars. And I've knocked up a pair of tank badges now.


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Looks sweet 'Nomad! have you considered venturing down the PMA/Pamco route as a future mod? It is a solid approach to reliability. Good work fella!
Looks sweet 'Nomad! have you considered venturing down the PMA/Pamco route as a future mod? It is a solid approach to reliability. Good work fella!

Hi Shakey, Thanks. I won't be PMAing this one just yet because of the cost of converting to a Boyer or such like. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" However, it's on the cards for my other build, an earlier '79 with points ignition. I've already picked up an RD stator and rotor and a mounting adaptor. Just need a reg/rect. Which reg/rect have you got on yours?

Whereabouts in the UK are you?