JRvantage's seat is a JEN-U-WINE yamaha seat, I have one.... Not sure if some of the specials came with that seat or if it was from the dealer parts catalog. A Yamaha sissybar was usually with those seats.
The pan looks just like the "normal" seat pan, but with the backrest welded on. Very well made stock seat, for sure. Problem I have with the setup in the picture is that at 6' 3", taking a sharp corner requires me to move my knee waaay out so I can get those goofy handlebars turned. I must have looked ridiculous riding that thing! Normal seat and euro bars should do the trick.
HEY NOW! Here is my ‘79 Special with everything tweaked and messed with. Powder coated frame in a metallic charcoalish color. Dual brembo front brakes off a Ducati Monster. VM34 carbs, pamco ignition and e-advance, 707 big bore kit from Gary Hoos, shell#1 cam from Hoos, stretched 5th gear from Mike’s, skateboard seat pan from craigslist upholstered in suede from a local leather shop, motoscope mini inlaid by Cognito Moto into their own matte finish custom top clamp, as well as other PITA stuff...
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1977 XS750 tank w/ redkote, bronze painted spoked wheels off an....earlier year, continental Road Attack 3 tires, kibblewhite titanium high performance valve springs & keepers, Posh gum grips and handlebar switches, a 1940s farm tractor light up front and led strip in back, Hugh’s fork brace & engine top mount bracket, bar end blinkers, holy frijoles this list is dredging up too many memories!