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Looking around for a new XS650 project today.
This popped up on eBay:


Offered by Summerbud for £700 Starting price!
Summerbud actually restore bikes brought in from the USA and create Flat Trackers for sale in the UK.
Seems this one is too far gone even for them to bother with; but £700 is just a joke.

Restored by Bill Johnsen of Baraboo.
Some history; I was riding an XS at the Slimy Crud many years ago when I was approached by a fellow helping a widow sell off a motorcycle collection. This 74 had been cosmolined and left sitting in a warehouse for a decade or two. It moved to the SOIR but was a perennial back burner project til I conned Bill into taking it on. After several more years he started and FINISHED it! Yet another example of his outstanding work, I'd describe it as a sympathetic restoration. It's now back where it belongs, prowling the back roads of Baraboo.
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Hello, new to the group. My name is Ken.

I picked up this 79 yesterday for 150$. Complete, except for the seat. I am looking forward to dive into this project. It is a bit done the list, but that leaves me time to research and find parts.
That’s an XS6502F. I’d be surprised if you could buy the wheels for $150. If correct, the rims are aluminum alloy. That’s a very nice find. I love it!