I am 6’-2”, so this might be a problem for me. I have wanted a wire spoked twin for a while now. I would have preferred an older one, but at 150$, I couldn’t let it go by. Going to be a great learning example.
I solved my issue by fitting straight bars because I was getting back ache. It was my late father who observed that I was tending to lean backwards as I rode with the high bars. I did find that the bike would ground out around corners very easily. You are right 150$ is something which you should not pass by. In general the XS650 is a good bike to learn general skills with and theres a very wide cross section of owners too.Custom people, vintage concourse enthusiasts, riders who want something reliable and easy to fix which gets them from Ato B.
Picked this up yesterday….. wanted one for as long as I can remember but lots of overpriced models out there…..
Gold has got to go though lol


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Cool looking bike and a good find. I like the gold rims, but not the gold engine cases.
I'm with Adamc on this... I really like the gold/green combination, but the use of the gold needs a little restraint. Wheels ok, cases and forks not so much. That said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there's no accounting for taste and so on. I don't usually comment on subjective aesthetic points for those reasons, but offer this as a positive outlook on what you've got. Nice bike, BTW!
Thank you! When I purchased it, it would fire but not stay running. Left cylinder was completely dead. I pulled the carbs for a good cleaning and inspection as well as replaced plugs and wires. Now it runs pretty well! Currently fighting clutch issues which seems to be common, I believe my biggest issue is in the release mechanism but I will likely go through and replace everything.