Looking for some turn signal set-ups/ideas


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Baltimore, MD
My 77 XS does not have turn signals so I was curious of how I could incorporate some low profile ones that are nice and visible, but not taking away from the look of the bike.

Also, I assume that all I will need is power, relay and signal switch? This bike does not have much factory wiring left.



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It's gonna be tough putting visible turns on there without messing with the look. What you need to decide is what you want your bike to be, cool or safe.
Wiring turns is easy, many threads on just this subject.
Led's are going to be the smallest and brightest, as long as you don't go cheap.
I like these as they are not too obtrusive and also offer signal visibility from the front, back, and the side. Also the signal is at a higher level, we are invisible enough, no need to put our lights 4" off the ground.
Black bar end lights

You could also use mini bullets and mount them almost anywhere.
Small bullet lights

I do not care for plate mounted, or similar light setups, that are not mounted on separate sides of the bike. In real life situations it is often times difficult for the people driving behind you to quickly or clearly discern what direction you are turning due to the lights being on one side of the bike, or simply being mounted too close together. This isn't as bad with center mounted indicators, but is exaggerated with mounting both indicators to only one side of the bike. The people around you on the road already put you in danger far too easily and far too often, I prefer to take a very clear path when it comes to letting them know what I'm doing. This is also why I run signals. The majority of "bikers" don't even know what the hand signals mean :banghead: Do you really expect the other people on the road to know?
Those bar ends look slick. Wonder how they will work with the throttle?

you cut a hole in the end of the grips, signals are mounted to the inside of the handlebar tube, so they are non-rotating same as bar end mirrors, brings up running wires thru the bars
there are some pretty cool options for having turn signals in the mirrors. a quick google search found this, but there are quite literally dozens of different designs out there.
also worth thinking about- LED strips can be hidden almost anywhere. these guys have a bunch of neat ideas.
http://www.customdynamics.com/motorcycle_lights.htm#LED Turn Signals

Look just above my rear shocks.

Those are tiny little mirrored turn signals from a R1. on an R1 they are embedded into the fairing. All I had to do do was make a very low profile L bracket that mounts to a shock bolt and then 3m tape them on. They work great, are fairly visible when they come on, better at night, and keep the flow of the bike. With a hard tail something like this could work but you'll have to mount them different.

Another option is a simple 3-4" LED strip mounted right to your frame. either straight down it or around it. With LEDs you don't need may lights.