Lower Triple clamp...polished?

Cast steel. Grind it smooth and powder coat it chrome, which looks like polished aluminum. Or paint it. People see the top one polished, and assume the bottom is the same if you get the color in the neighborhood.

You can polish steel. I plan to do it. Just give it a coat of lacquer when you are done. The poor man's chrome!
I ground the casting flaws off my lower tree and liked the result. I just painted mine, but chrome or powder coat would set it off nicely. triple tree (6).jpg This is the lower tree from a RD400 that I fitted to an XS stem.
Yes, its made from steel, which is a good thing, because they get twisted when PO riders run into solid objects.:yikes: I had my forks and steering yoke off the bike in order to change over to roller steering bearings, and found the yoke twisted.

I used a sheet of glass to set the yoke on, which revealed its twist. By clamping the forks into the yoke and then using a long 2 X 4 , I was able to remove the twist. Surprisingly easy to do.

I just painted mine yesterday, but it looks like I need a second coat.


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