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So I've got this project bike that I bought off my brother a while back, this thing has been passed around to quite a few different guys that did all kinds of different things and made varying levels of progress on it and now it's in my care. This summer I would like to really dig into it and i'm looking for some advice. So last fall it ran at the very least and I was able to take it down the road and back, once I pulled it back out a couple weeks ago she wont even start, my points are set correctly but the timing is off now and I can't rotate the base plate far enough to properly time it and I don't really know how to fix that. There's also some carb issues, one side has a vacuum leak and is jetted differently, why someone changed the jet and to what exactly I have no idea but would it be worth buying a set of the same jets and replacing both just so I know they're the same? Really the main goal for this year is I just want it to run reliably.

I have the Clymer manual and it helps quite a bit but my main issue is other people worked on this bike and I don't know what they did or didn't do. Or if what they did do was well done or not...
If anyone else can tell me a little bit more about it the stamp on the engine is S650-128663

Thanks guys


Behind the ears too?
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You've already got a thread going with the ID work done and several helping with sorting your ignition. :umm:

For you and those trying to help, continuing an existing thread, keeping most info about your bike in one place is good housekeeping.