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Moabiker's Tall Tales

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Moabite, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...i did this backwards (right to left) a few jeep safari ago when dry in front of crowd of 50 or so. Each time i did it crowd roared and clapped. 3rd time i got off line on little scorpa and went straight down too fast and hard, snapped forks off, and crash. Got up to biggest applause after i stood up not badly physically hurt but bruised ego....so there is true story of someone that fell in that hole...
    ....internet has tons jeep fails under moab hottubs i am sure...
    ...when dry, trials bike easy to do, seen a few dirt bikes do it, majority of everybody jeeping bypass this and leave for hardcore crowd....

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  2. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    IMG_20190328_161035.jpg IMG_20190328_161206.jpg ...from bike builds i have many parts that probably will get tossed next week... IMG_20190328_161339.jpg ...xs650 pipes,sidecovers,turn signals, speedo/tach in real good shape... IMG_20190328_161310.jpg
    ...denver boot too!!!
    View attachment 137854
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  3. member28833

    member28833 Race the wind Top Contributor

    Tossed where ? :lmao: 20190328_152910.jpg
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  4. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...lots parts fall on the bottom down there, when flipover and tools spill in slimey water and turn to fossils...
    ...may have to mark as moabite territory, good idea...
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  5. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...anyhow, the XS enjoying life on road much more being ridden than the last time trailered away. IMG_20190328_095528.jpg
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  6. Mickster

    Mickster XS650 Enthusiast

    Moabite, don't trash any of that crap. There is a resurgence on the rise in revitalizing old jap bikes. Just look at all the money India is putting into new bikes that look like our old bikes. It's a 21st century motorbike happening.

    That junk may pay for a nice dinner out on the town with your favorite folks.

    After reading most of your posts, I'm thinking the place where you live is a Motorbike Destination Happening, just waiting to happen. You got a B&B going? Tent space? How about a sleepin bag on the ground? Fresh drinking water?
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  7. Jim

    Jim Beyond the edge is the unknown. Here be Dragons XS650.com Supporter Top Contributor

    Yeah... like a "Burning Man" for bikers.
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  8. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...not my place, accumulating too much stuff...
    ...free to anyone if you want it ( I could put it on pallet and shrinkwrap, shipping you pay,should be cheap) but we have monster size dumpster here now...you guys have no idea how much scrap steel here, but we on 2nd monster sized dumpster fill, and probably still need a 3rd, 3-4 cars,trucks leaving too...landord spending a couple thousand there so much, and still will be thousands of pounds steel here after for welder/artist...
    ...maybe i take a few pics later and you see hoarder areas...pretty weird to me because i need order...
    ...embarrassing and irritating to me, so i not post on 2nd thought, stressful too being around dumpster and hoarders at same time...
    ....yet much great, not just good stuff he dumpster dive for at times, and bring back...
    ...not hear if xr600 is next project yet, but when it involves used car dealer, negotiations become game, and wait a few days and see if if dealer get less greedy on nonrunner.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  9. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ...i own a PIG...bought a motorcycle today.... IMG_20190330_115850.jpg
    1986 honda XR600R...or as xr owners refer to them..."pig" the nickname...
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  10. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    IMG_20190330_115902.jpg IMG_20190330_115915.jpg IMG_20190330_115952.jpg IMG_20190330_120039.jpg IMG_20190330_115930.jpg
    pick it up monday...was gonna be for guy i build bikes for but he has bad leg and i badly need this bike for my stable and it kick start only...poor samurai have to wait for repair...
    ...this legendary desert sled with a little polishing...and tires,tank,seat etc...should be fun bike again.
    ...very few scratches on rims sign this bike had light duty life...
    ...mint one on internet with $10,000 asking price...this one 1/100 of that one...
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
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  11. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    After XS build i got spoiled with forums here. Honda Trail 90, Suzuki GS, Honda sohc and dohc, and Thumper Talk XR forums no where near as active or helpful and friendly as here. Whoever runs the show here, as well as members, thanks for great site.
    ...like i said before...those xs parts free if you want them, just pay shipping...
    ...there are good stock pipes, sidecovers, chrome fenders...
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  12. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    Breaking news...eric buell start up Fuell ebikes..

    And on that same note, one of my canadian friend has motorcycle dealership and says he quitting selling motorcycles and now sell pedal-assist electric bike...have to follow sales to stay in business
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2019
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  13. Looks like a nice project you got there Moabite.

    Funny you should mention these, I just finished adding an Ebike kit to my old MTB, will get a pic tomorrow.
  14. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    IMG_20190330_064847.jpg IMG_20190330_064712.jpg
    ...polly want a cracker? Code phrase for field time!!!
    ...they made ebikes illegal on all bicycle trails here, only allowed on jeep trails, idiot rule makers...
    ...review too please Meddy of your ebike, besides pics...
    ...in a few hours go pick up the Pig(affectionately named by xr owners)...
    ...too bad xr site seem very inactive...
    ...forgot to look at carb, that model uses 2 carbs for one cylinder, that could be interesting...
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  15. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

  16. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    IMG_20190401_120653.jpg IMG_20190401_120635.jpg
    ...sweet, hopefully all easy fix damage...
  17. Mickster

    Mickster XS650 Enthusiast

    Looks good. You could always make a Frankenbike out of it. You got all the parts you need laying around all over the place, if they aren't in the dumpster yet.
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  18. Moabite

    Moabite XS650 Addict Top Contributor

    ....wooohoooo i got sparks!!!! Tomorrow i can start....err need throttle cable, that is it!!!
    i got one of the best magic wands around.....wooooohooo
    IMG_20190401_162752.jpg IMG_20190401_165321.jpg IMG_20190401_162655.jpg

    ...from now you XS guys can just call me the big thump, cause my piston bigger than yours...
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  19. Mickster

    Mickster XS650 Enthusiast

    Dude, if you could take all the XS650 body parts you have laying around all over the place, morf them into this thing, it could look like an almost XS650 tracker. Make sense?

    At least. That's what I'd do with it.
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  20. A few pics for you Moabite and a basic review.
    Fitting the kit is reasonably straightforward although I guess each bike would have it's differences.
    I had to shave some material off the inside of the forks to allow clearance for the larger outside diameter of the hub motor after that the wheel justs slotted straight in.
    Left side crank had to be removed to fit the pedal assist sensor, luckily I had a crank puller, also has a thumb throttle mounted on the handlebar but not something I use much I prefer to pedal.

    The battery and holder fitted on to the drink bottle mount on the downtube, the box with the motor controller and all the wiring plugs fitted nicely onto the seat stay held with a couple of plastic clamps but I also added some extra zip ties too.

    The kit came with new brake levers with motor cutout sensors in them but as my bike has the gear shifters built in to the brake levers I have not used them, motor still cuts out when I stop pedaling it just has a small amount of lag time couple of seconds maybe.

    LCD screen shows power assist level 1-5, battery level, speed and distance traveled.

    Wiring up was easy enough, just had to take some care with where to route the wires, zip ties helped heaps.

    Riding is fun, I love it, like riding with the wind behind you all the time, I've only been using it on level 2 or 3 so far and I can ride comfortably along at around 20-25kmh, I haven't been on any dirt roads or tracks yet till I get some better tyres. Not sure what the range is most I've done in one go so far is 12 K's and all 5 bars were still showing, still trying to harden up my backside after not riding for so long. IMG_20190402_205402.jpg
    IMG_20190402_205410.jpg IMG_20190402_205511.jpg IMG_20190402_205437.jpg

    The XR looks good, your getting stuck into it I see.
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