Motor rebuilt, but still a just a roller - upkeep?


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Thanks for any replies to what I hope might be an easy one... I've recently finished a motor rebuild, and the bike is back together. But, its definitely a few weeks if not months from firing up.

Should I fill it with oil, and cycle (via kickstart) the motor every so often to keep things lubricated, and in general good health until we have spark?

Thanks as always to the forum for insight!
That sounds like a plan. spark plugs out, desiccant plugs in for the AR crowd. I make a round of the shed every now and then and stir all the sleeping motors rebuilt or not, I'll give em a shot or two in plug hole or intake from my trigger style oil gun too. I try to do that when project bikes get here too. Remove the plugs a shot of oil, kick through several times. It's never made a motor worse.
gggGary, thank you. Much appreciated. Have a great weekend sir. Btw, your old wheels get a lot of compliments when anyone sees them on my sled! Thank you!