My 81' XS650 Chopper & Intro

Im having the same problems with my pegs although mine are just tubing and not bmx pegs. Planning on welding some expanded metal to them for grip and thought it might work for you as well.
I bought the headlight from him - shipping time drags! He sold me a good product at a fair price, give him a bit more time is my advice.

Just my :twocents:

just so you know i shipped it the same day i shipped Halloweenies fender on the 10th of Sept, you saw the copy of the Post Office Receipt i sent to you n he got his in like 3 days, I still don't know why it took so long for yours but i'm glad it finally got there, the one to canada did take a bit longer but not on my end, for whatever reason when things go to canada like that headlight did, it must sit to be scanned or something anyways, your bike Rocks & I love that new Front wheel you got on there
It's all good. The box was mostly crushed, so maybe it jammed up their junk.

Thanks for the compliment on the bike. I should be finishing it up in a few months (I hope).
And there goes another tail light lens. I just can't keep these on my bike.

Dont expect much better results from the light and plate frame combos that mount on the axl, mine has broken twice. Begining to think it is the nature of the hardtail beast. Think i finally have sufficient welds to hold it together.
So I built some new handle bars today.



Went to some 1" tube, so I bought all new controls. The new controls work awesome.

Also as a side affect of my new clutch lever, my clutch works awesome now.


I can finally find neutral when stopped! I can downshift without it getting stuck. It's awesome!
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Lost another headlight today. Wire melted through inside the housing and shorted it out. To the parts store I go again. Going to buy three.

I wonder if my charging system is putting out too much sometimes. When I test it's 14.4. It never blows any fuses, but headlights keep going out. I think it worked better when I had a battery. I put one back in but it vibrated apart recently and so I put the sparx back in. (Found out the bike won't run on a dead battery but it runs fine without a battery. LOL.)
^is the wire gauged properly?

LOL... No, I have no idea what wire I'm using. Just some wire I had laying around. But when they burn up it's always at the light. The last light I had it melted the whole block that everything plugs into.

What gauge should i be using? I think, not sure, that it's 14 right now.
14g is sufficient. it should be.

wrong bulb?


It's from Lowbrow. It a 12V 55W mini-bulb. Gotta go find one tomorrow. Maybe I should put a resister or something in there. I wonder if 14.4v is too much for it.

I think I'm going to put a volt-meter on my bike to test and see if the voltage every spikes.
^I'd pinpoint the issue further before potentially adding more problems with an unnecessary resistor.

the wire gauge or maybe bulb is a just a guess. I'll be the first to admit, I'm no master electrician.

still fumbling through my own wiring harness build,
So I was hosing off my bike and found my fender mount is broken off again.

This can't be normal. Do you guys have problems with fenders, sissy bars, license plates, and whatnot breaking off. It usually breaks just past the weld or where a bolt hole is. This bracket broke off before near the weld and the time before that the fender itself cracked and broke off. (photos in this thread) I even rubber mounted the fender last time.

I know my bike has mad vibes when I roll down i80 at 75-80MPH. And every time I do something breaks off. The rear wheel was brand new when I got it, but maybe some weights fell off and it's out of balance.

Soon as I get paid for my last side job I'm ordering my new rear tire and spokes for my 16" rim. I'm hoping that will solve it.
There is a running joke about my Xs with the Chopper club I ride with that they are going to start a blog about my xs called the "Shit that Falls off" cos every time I go for a run with them I come back light due to less parts on my bike. Things just vibrate loose eventually and fall off and go missing. Usually OEM bits rather than stuff I made!

Never broken anything, although have heard axle mount plate with tail light combo break regularly. Also may have some thing to do with how hard you ride a rigid and the condition of the roads.

The fender may not have enough clearance with the tyre as the tyre heats up on the road it grows and bumps can cause flexion out of round. This happens a few times and gives the fender a decent whack could be the problem.

Just guessing here but might help.
Ordered some rear spokes and new rear tire today (the Firestone 500 16). Yay, can't wait to get em and get my spoke rim on the back.

When I get my spoke rear on then my mags with tires are going up for sale. They are in great condition and power-coated black with almost new tires (~4000 miles).
On Friday the 19th I ordered my new rear tire from some random place on the internet and I order new spokes and a few other things from MikesXS.

I received my new tire yesterday.

This in my only problem with MikesXS:
Shipped/Billed On:10/19/2012 Weight:3.00 lbs
Scheduled Delivery: Monday, 10/29/2012, By End of Day

It takes forever and a weekend to get my parts here. Why is it so slow when everyone else in the world can ship me stuff in three days? And why do I keep buying from them. LOL

Anyway, whatever.

So my new rear tire is the Firestone Deluxe Classic. 5.00 x 16. It's fricken awesome looking. I hope it makes the bike set a bit higher so I don't drag when I turn as much as I do now. It looks taller and narrower, but it's probably because it's not mounted.

Can't wait to get it put together and on the bike!
I'm having some frame work done soon and there is a 10 over narrow springer down the road I can pick up pretty cheap. Not sure if I want to do it.

Decisions decisions.