My first street bike

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When I was 15, my first street bike was a 1980 650 Special. It served me well and helped me get several moving violations.
I truly loved that bike.
Fast forward about a hundred years...

When I saw this 81 XS650 Heritage setting neglected I knew I had to rescue it. And rescue it I did;
Seals, tires, tubes, brakes, carbs, wiring, maintenance, scrub and polish, etc.
It runs sweet and looks good.
mostly it sets and collects dust. I'm thinking about letting it go. I have $1700 hard cash in it and a bunch of hours.
I hate to be mister "what's it worth" guy, but do you think I should be able to recoup my cash investment?
I don't mind giving away my labor. is a good running 81 650 Heritage worth $1700?
...if not, how much should I be willing to loose on it?
I just had to save it, it looked sad. I rode it today and it was a happy little bike, I'll ride it to work the rest of the week.
I just have too many bikes.
What's it worth?

Here's a link to a forum thread with some pics: