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Finally got my XS1B down and naturally found some parts that need to be replaced. I'll list the parts needed first then I'll list the handful of parts I have for trade. I am not building a show bike but would like to have very clean straight parts. Of course if you are not looking for a trade and have one of the needed parts for sale please contact me.

1. Rear rim. Mine is heavily pitted and I would like to keep with the chromed steel, DID rim.
2. Fork chrome dust cover. Only need one.
3. Headlight bezel ring.
4. Front brake lever. I have the clamp portion but need the lever.

At this point I have the following parts for trade.

1. Left side cover for an XS1
IMG_0375~photo.JPG IMG_0376~photo.JPG

2. Compression release for an XS2 SOLD
IMG_0335~photo.JPG IMG_0336~photo.JPG

3. Front disc for an XS2
IMG_0185~photo.JPG IMG_0186~photo.JPG

4. BS38 Carb set. I have been told they look to be from a 75 or 76. I have not touched or cleaned these. The diaphragms seem to be in good shape as when the vent hole is covered they return very slowly. If more pics are needed let me know.
IMG_0327~photo.JPG IMG_0330~photo.JPG


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