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This little cat has been living in and on the roof of the "Junk Shed" since August. I feed it twice a day and make sure she has plenty of water. The only way I can get close to her is if I have food or a cat treat. I`d like to bring her in the house this winter if I can ever catch her.:shrug:


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Yeah, she looks healthy too.
Try one of those laser dots, lead her to a place closer to the house to eat then / door / inside. It might take time but should work if she's attracted to it (most cats are). Play brings friendship and trust, at least that. I used to have to do that with my crazy brain damaged deaf cat when she wouldn't come in at night. Now she's trained to the porch light flicking on and off. Best of luck.


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Switzerland County, Indiana, U.S.A.
A neighbor gal down the ridge lost her husband, their old dog and their old cat all within the past two years.
Recently she had a service man to the house that told her his cat just had a litter of kittens.
Talking it over to her one grandson, he suggested getting two, as all folks that know kittens - two are more fun and entertaining than just one, so she put in her order.
The wife asked her what she was getting, male, female, colors etc.
Sally replied, "They're gonna be "surprise" kitties."


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When my wife and I bought our home in 2014 a kitten showed up in the next spring. It had been wounded and a large abscess on it's abdomen but was friendly right off so I had it tended to and we made it room in the garage. Her son came to live with us for a few years and the kitty that had bonded initially with me gravitated to him and when he left for Florida a couple years ago he took the cat with him.
Spring last year my wife was having fits with chipmunks digging in her potted plants, I bought her a bb gun and she made some inroads but couldn't get them all. Then around may we noticed the pests were disappearing, and with it noticed 2 cats, a grown female and a young juvenile just past weening living under the carport in the back yard. Both were calico, the older short haired, younger longhaired, and assumed they were mother and child.
The older female was wary and the younger so adept at hiding we called her "Hidey".
We started feeding them and some of the wariness subsided, though I eventually had to coax and capture the juvenile to get her used to handling.
We noticed soon after that the older female was in the family way again and gave birth to 4 additional kittens, whom we found homes for. However she has constantly from the beginning tried to chase the younger female off so we're guessing that they're not mother and child but just happened to arrive together.
We had both fixed to prevent any more offspring and my wife has taken to the younger one and allows her in the house. She's convinced she's allergic to the older shorthaired cat so I've made her comfortable in the garage and added an access flap in the window so she can come and go.
The older cat has been very standoffish from the begin, not tolerating picking up and holding. In the past month after a year and half she has finally taken to jumping up in my lap for some petting for a short period of time.
Pictures below of the older female eating with 3 of her kits around and the younger one posed in the yard. I've always been partial to tri color cats as we had one when I was a child.