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Sorry guys, I don't move very fast. Damn full-time job keeps getting in the way😂. Finally getting around to tearing into the 80'. Would like to end up with a sleek little street-scrambler, possibly with an Omar's rear-wheel kit. May send the motor out for a re-phase..... mostly out of curiosity. I have a counter balance seat on the shelf. Im 5' 11", would love to sit at a light flat footed, so possibly some lowering of the suspension as well. What are some of top frame mods you guys like to do while they're stripped?
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5 ft 11 is if I get i right 180 cm -- Light Heavy weight without insulting anyone here.
Not knowing how the seat looks you are planning to use.
But the stock seat is quite high .So I believe that the replacement .Makes it possible to sit as you like
Feet reaching down. Without cutting the frame.
How strong are these frames? Do they need some additional gusseting in places?
They're fairly strong; I'm not aware of any weak point or common added gusseting or braces. Most of the flex came from the forks and swingarm. There's a range of mods in that regard; Radian swingarm, laddered swingarms, fork braces, fork replacement (usually inverted these days)....

Edit: forgot about bronze swingarm bushings - very common
2nd Edit: tapered steering head bearings
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A little more progress was made cleaning up the frame this weekend, engine is crated up and off to the builder for a re-phase. It's clear now that this build will be more of a Scrambler than anything. I plan on building some kind of a rear fender using parts of a front as well as a thin, below seat, electronics pan. I do enjoy the looks of these bikes when the under seat area is somewhat open and clean. Some foreseen hurdles there will be finding a sleek home for the battery and rear disc brake m/c?.... More to come.
I’m around the same place you are. Cleaning and polishing. But motor is done and waiting on paint for the frame. Good luck to ya.


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I prefer the simplicity of a drum rear brake, and if you're going to be dirt riding, you may like it too because it doesn't lock the wheel as easily.
Jumping back and forth on different bikes in this thread, sorry. BUT, managed to whip up a decent replacement dash/gauge setup for the 81' today. Old tach/speedo was getting pretty noisy and crusty.


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Finally got around to countershaft, clutch pushrod, and shift shaft seal today.....wowzer, I sure fought that shift shaft seal removal for some reason. Drilled a 1/16" hole, installed sheet metal screw, pulled so hard screw let loose. Eventually got it, finally held my tongue to correct angle. :D the others went in well.
Any suggestions guys??? The bolt head for the cross brace snapped off....I have a nice snap on easy out set that has finally failed me, I was applying heat as well, no dice.....can these be run with one mount bolt in the carb?