New Member, Bringing Thumper Back To Life.

Night owling.
Thought I'd pull the plugs and see what they look like.
The right plug broke free and came out with my fingers, the left I chased in and out with pb blaster.
every bit of 20 times with effort. :shrug: Brand new plugs, musta put them in on my last attempt at revival.
Clean threads plug and hole, just a spot of rust on the last thread of the left plug.
I poured half a shot of 0-20 in each cylinder to wet the top and never seized the plugs. the left still went in kinda hard.
I pushed the kicker by hand and got 1/4 stroke and she locked up on me???
What do you all think? I'm guessing one cylinder is in compression with stuck valves???
She kicked over fine before I did this. :shrug:
Fixed itself in the amount of time it took me to type I went back out and
tried it again and she's fine, but wow compression. I'm about 175lbs
I stand on the kicker, and she slowly rolls through. Bumpf bumpf bumpf. That's a really nice sound! 😊
Wayyyyy Happy! My first look inside.
Very clean and oily, and... I didn't get bit.
I'm thinkin she might be liking the attention. :)


Well that's what I got. It looks right chain to tire sides.
We'll see if wear decreases. And yup I need to oil my chain,
since I made a catch can for the bike I have to remember do it myself.
Good morning, Day, Night All.
Finally got some time to play. The day was written off for my granddaughter's birthday, but we got home early,
so I decided to look at some electric. First, jockey the girls around.

found my manual and schematic. Yay me!


Ok, some words on paper, but the other half is missing Yay me, and I think my schematic was on the cover. Gone. Yay me!

Tried to fill the front tire. That's a hard NO! Flat as my ass. Yay me.
Took off the seat. Battery box, A OK. Well it's still there. May be crusty but is there. Need another doohickie mount thingy.

Two hot leads and two grounds. After inspection, the light ground is to my taillight. :shrug: I'm bettin you're gonna see this guy a lot :shrug: cause I dunno?
My ignition and light switches. (High Tech)

I was mindful that the switches went down or rearward to the on position to prevent an accidental shutdown.
HEY! In my twenty's it's amazing I remembered to put on my pants in the morning. Yay me.

Haggas anyone?

It's all coming back to me now. :shootme: Fn Thumper! Hate/Love her.
Pulled the water filled headlamp out and PBd the bolts in the bucket, rusty inside and a little out of round but good chrome.
off a 75' up for grabs + shipping. Pm me.


Reg Rec, oh Yeah no problem there, like factory new!


Whatever I did it lasted a good twenty years, I just gotta chat with the guy that did it for a while and figure out what he done did doodid. :shrug:
I do admit I put oil on almost everything So the rear wheel looks as if the seal is leaking But to me it sticks out how it is possible to have
such a rusted chain at all.

One thought is to paint the shocks with silver paint .It looks Ok from a Distance .If budget is tight.

All in all looks good.

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I see this is an old post. However you can dismantle those shocks wire brush or powder coat the springs And that gives you an idea if they are worn out with the springs off. That is if you want original shocks . If not they are 50 bucks a shock on ebay . good luck I just finished a 76.
Thanks comer I've been keeping my eyes open for replacements,
mine are totally shot. I've got time before I get there.
Want to do a complete teardown, paint, wiring and freshen up the engine.
Found bondo of some kind, gonna have to pick that off and see why.
Never noticed it before. Must have blended in very well when she was younger.

Pipes give a good idea how she was running.


Warm enough to turn on the hose and give her a bath soon.

I'm absolutely sure I remember exactly what I did and how all this worked. :laughing:

It's ok really... I drew a schematic of it somewhere and it'll all make sense. :banghead::banghead::banghead:

Let the fun begin!
I'm really out of touch with popular culture....WTH is a COFFEE WARNING? :p
Got the headlight bucket off and rear fender.
Crusty bucket inside, outside not bad. Gonna try vinegar and see what it does.


The ring has road rash on the side :shrug: don't remember where I got that one from.
It's a replacement after a mishap when Thumper went sideway up a tree.
But the cat made it. Yeah, it's funny now.
Tracing wires and finding things like 30 year old zip ties so to speak.

Can't believe that came apart with no trouble.
I almost always break plastic connectors.

That one's gonna be fun I'm sure, soaking in PB for now.

Tail light looks ok, gotta clean the paint off.

Guess I was having fun, It was day time when I started.