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Tulsa, Oklahoma
Hello, I havent been an active member here just a longtime lurker. I have a couple of XS650s that I started building about 5 or 6 years ago, one is hardtailed and the other is a street tracker. The rigid bike was just a rubbermaid tub full of "XS650 Parts" that I bought on Craigslist for $250. I got it home and found that it contained a complete bike in unbelievably great condition as well as every nut, bolt, washer and extra parts! I was running a small job shop at the time and tried to design, build, machine and make everything that I could. About 3 years ago we got pregnant with my daughter and life changed quite a bit. My bikes were all but forgotten about and got shoved into the corner to collect dust. Starting a family can be a little time consuming! Life has now slowed down a little and Im finally able to make a little time for my projects again. My goal is to redesign/reengineer a few things on the rigid bike and have it tuned and running good before spring. It should be a very achievable goal as it had brand new carbs and was running when parked (just needed tuned). The street tracker is a little further from completion, its pretty much just a roller with a fresh motor. Im excited to be working on my bikes again and looking forward to sharing progress with yall and being an active member this time around!


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Welcome to the forum.
Like the Hardtail. But that tracker made my eyeballs wobble.
Love the mono shock setup. What swingarm did you use?
The 2 into 1 Headers caught my eyes as well.
Then you go triple stack on me with those forks.
Outstanding start. What are those forks off of?
Welcome aboard. Looking forward to your progress with the bikes.
The tracker looks like one that was on FB with a yellow tank. About the same time I had 2 of my trackers for sale on FB.??