Ninja EX500 carbs on an XS650?

why not? 500 is pretty close to 650, so minor jetting is all that I could think of.
Aren't the 38's supposed to be the best stock xs carbs? I have the 80's bs 34s, and they are supposed to suck worse.
edit: mine work great.
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XS650 intake distance is 120 mm. center-to-center, and I know of no bike carbs, twin or 4-banger, with spacing that's compatible; fabrication required. Modern flat slide vacuum carbs like those fitted to the EX500 twin would do much to quicken throttle response on the XS650 and would likely flow better as well, but in addition to fabrication you'd need to know how to tune. Don't expect massive power gains from a change of carbies.
Make 50 hp on the wheel.Most magazines got that figure on the dyno.Definately way faster then the Xs.I am lucky enough to have both track ready.Yes the kehins do fit but the carb spigot groove is off.Carbs on the Ex are much lighter.I got TM34 flats on the Xs and I never I the need to go with the Ex carbs.
Ive had ER500 (more or less same as GPZ500)carbs on an XS,straight fit onto the XS rubbers..Had to f*** about with the jetting & slide but way better than the stock XS CV's.

I thought i made this thread.

I got a set off of ebay for cheap and I'm going to try them out.

First thing I notice is that they weigh half what the stock CV 38's do.

I'll save 3 lbs just by switching to these carbs.