Old Newbie Ignition Help

The 4 post and the plate that they are attached to are all one piece, it all comes off together once the serrated lock nut is removed. It just pulls (or more likely pries) off. You specifically do NOT want to try to rotate it off, or you will break a tiny alignment pin on the back side of the plate.
Try bending one or two flat tip screwdrivers into mini pry bars. It can be very stuck. If you have a heat gun, heat would probably help.
OK, here we go. If I get the 4 posts and the plate off, do you want the housing?
No. I want plate, springs, weights, serrated nut, the little disc behind the plate, and the one circlip.
Baggy it. As was said, you should hold it all until you get your motor running.
Bingo! Hit it with PB Blaster and gently grabbed it with a vise grip and gently "wiggled" it off like pulling a bad tooth. Thats how my dentist does it but with Novocain. Where shall I send it? You can email me at: rickrman@hotmail.com if you like.


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