Pictures of Fleetwood Country Cruize-in 2017 - Grounds


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London, ON
Spent the day at the FCC. The largest collector, hot rod, custom car show in Canada.

Fleetwood Country Cruize-In is one of North America's largest outdoor car shows. The car show takes place in London, Ontario at a private estate owned by Steve Plunkett, a local philanthropist and classic car junkie.

Edit: link to the show:

There are estimated to be 3,000+ vintage cars, rods and customs and specialty vehicles on display.

CVMG (Canada Vintage Motorcycle Group) were in attendance, and I got a few pics……
Hope Travis doesn’t mind me burning up some of his server space.
Didn't know if I should post this in The Lounge or here, but figured it's a Canadian event, so hopefully here is OK.

I know we are are a Motorcycle Forum, but once and awhile a car pic will sneak it's way in here. Hey it's metal and it rolls. I will beg your indulgence and post a few general show and car pictures before I get to the bikes that were on display from the CVMG.

But, here's the deal. I’ll post the pics, you guys have to supply the “I remember” stories.

Steve Plunkett's humble abode greets you when you enter his estate.


Some pics of the overall showgrounds. This show takes place on his 18 hole golf course, his horse farm/training facilities and on his homes grounds. As well as in his Cadillac museums. (To follow in another post). There are literally fields, and fields, full of cars.





And once those fields are full they start sending cars to the North overflow fields that hold hundreds more......



This is pretty representative of what you see, but I'm not going to post pictures of every field. You get the idea.
It is quite a walk but kinda worth it.

I'll do up some more posts, each with a different picture topic.
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