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I tried to ship with PirateShip today. All went well until it came time to pay. I use PayPal but when I went to use it it had a popup that wanted a bank. I could not get past it. What is the secret? Spent a half an hour trying. I'm not the most savvy with these thing but nothing I tried would let me pay with PayPal.
Go to "Settings" then click "Payment Method."


That takes you here....


Click on "Add new payment method" (top right)... and you'll get this popup.


Click "Pay with Paypal" and just follow the prompts from there.
It'll ask if you want to make that the default payment method. Tell it yes and it'll automatically use Paypal without the hassle from then on.
I've got Paypal and a card both on there... with Paypal as default. If (when :doh: ) there's a Paypal glitch, I can tell it to use the card.
Hey GLJ,
I had the same issue.
my solution, I typed in the help chat box "card payment setup not working." and they unlocked the account.
for some reason some accounts get locked right from the starting gun.
hope this helps
cheers rodger palmer
I will try that.
Not familiar with this - however if you use safari browser (Apple Mac book) , load a google chrome or other browser. Safari has a lot of security build in and sometimes it’s just to much. I have had a lot of issues with safari so use another browser when it doesn’t work.
Sorry for delay
Pirate ship a legitimate shipping company that gets us little guys the big commercial user rates. A slick business model that works!
Yep! learned about it here and only used a couple times but save good amount on shipping. I checked with local Post Office and they told me if package fits mail box I can just stick label on it and mail just like normal outgoing letter. If too big for box I can contact them via email and let them know it's, say, on back step!