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I bought pistons with one having seized rings off ebay. I bought new rings off ebay and the top ring was around .005 to thick. SO my first rebuild isn't going so well. I wanted used pistons to keep costs down, being my first rebuild and all. But im getting a little frustrated. Does anyone know where I can get another set of rings that wont break the bank and is it a bad idea to just buy one piston (used)? I more of a metal fab guy then a motor rebuild guy so any advice is appreciated.

keep everything in 1 thread. Make it a build thread and post some information about the bike and what your doing to it, and your self if you think your as important as the bike;). Especially the year and model so we can get the right information to you.

Now your here ask questions before starting or buying anything........we are the wiki of XS650's and have hundreds of years of knowledge cumulatively

Cant get better prices than these guys...........Quality is good.


You might have issues if you buy just one used piston. The pistons are matched in size to each other and also to the bore size to achieve the proper piston to cylinder clearance. If the single one you buy is larger or smaller than the originals it could end up being too tight or too loose in the bore. The bores on these are just over 75mm and the pistons are just under that. Once the top of the piston is cleaned off, you'll find a 3 digit number stamped on it. That is the fractional portion of it's size (when it was new), as in 74.xxx mm .....


If you're going to buy one used piston, I recommend finding out it's size and getting one very close to the originals.