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We currently have a 72' Xs2 on the lift. A frame up restoration for a fellow out of Chicago. Powder coated frame.. etc etc... The unit is now back on its wheels... paint is progressing. We ordered Mike's Xs taillight and mufflers... among other things. The taillight... I think the chrome was applied with a one pass spray can. Under the on the stock frame is a small tab to hold the wires .... not found on the replacement.... the wires.... thin... small plug ends.. are male... the stock wires on the Xs2 to the tail light.. are male. Break out the soldering gun. On the stock taillight is a tab for the ground wire.... not found on the replacement... again break out the soldering gun.
We got replacement mufflers... nice.. fit well..... but the screw on collars is a different diameter... smaller.... and the Mike's mufflers don't exclude the exhaust gasket in the box. A quarter inch angle cut on the old.... in good nick... gaskets solved the issue.
Replacement turn signals. .. have thin wire and small plug ends. Either slightly squeeze the female ends... or break out the soldering gun.... on these type of repairs.... use heat shirk.... helps when it's time to pull out the connections.


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