Rear Brake conversion - Drum to Disk or Disk to Drum


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Not the finished product..........corrections to be made to files and write up to come

Any input welcome from others experience............

NOTE: This conversion could be done on 70-73 Models but there is some differences in the length of the swing-arm and frame dimensions, this Tutorial can be used as a guide for these early models but dimensions will differ.

All Standard, (Roadster), Models from 74-79 and Special Models 79 SII.... 80G SII....81H SII......81SH..... 82J..... 83K, all Have drum brake rear wheels.
All these Models have Spoke wheels except for the 81SH, this model has a Drum Mag rear wheel.

78SE....79SF....80SG...Models have Mag Rear Wheel Disk brake set up

Frame dimensions are the same for Standards, 74-79, and, Specials from 78-83, swing-arms interchange on all these models.

Drum brake swing-arms and Disk Brake swing-arms differ in the brackets that hold the brake stay.

I will get into the differences as I progress, and post pics as well.

Disk Brake Rear 1  Text.jpg
Disk Brake Rear 1  Text.jpg

1a Clipboard 20 copy copyright.jpg
1a Clipboard 20 copy copyright.jpg
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Brake Actuator for the Disk brake rear MC. This is a crucial part that needs to be swapped for the Drum brake Actuator. This goes through the frame and the brake lever attaches to it
.......s-l1600 b.jpg..s-l1600.jpg
Plastic cover to the MC reservoir

Dimensions for the MC placemnet
DSCF7718 copy.jpg 3.jpg DSCF7470 copy.jpg  3.jpg DSCF7471 copy.jpg
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