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Yamaha xs650 special 2 1981 Uk bike with pamco E.I and advance, High voltage coil pack too..
Hi all When I got my bike 6 years ago there was the original regulator/rectifier on the left and right side of the bike under the side covers. ( i could be wrong in saying this ) bare with me
I fitted a Pamco electronic ignition and the got a solid state Reg/Rec which has 2 connectors, one with 2 wires, the other with 5 wires.
The 2 wire connector plug into a left side
On the right side of the bike goes the 5 wire or 5 pin connector.
On this side the right side, is a metal component like a small mess tin See last picture Picture. What is that . Is it a rectifier or a regulator ????
The problem i have is the bike drained the battery I have ordered a new Reg/Rec and did the slap test on the stator casing with a feeler blade but it did not seem to very strong it just slowly pulled the feeler cuage onto the cover.
I also tried the jumper to ground test . Green wire the brown but it blew my main 20amp fuse should i have disconnected the connector.
its all a bit of confusion for me when it comes to electrics. I am wondering if ineed a new stator?? bike only charges from 12.5 volts to 13 volts at 4000 rpm.
Brushes are not isolated with nylon screws

your help would be appreciated very much.
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I just worked out what that conponent is watched a youtube video and its the regulator... turned the ignition on and the solenoid actuated . i started the bike and it now charges at 14v to 15v... Im wondering if it was stuck i took the cover off 2 small screws and watched it actuate the fellow on the video said that it changes the voltage to the rectifire buy actuating at certain voltages.
I am totally confused now, as the bike is charging probably a little too much now.
I have a new Reg/Rec on order so will see how this pans out.
has anyone one else had this issue sticky regulator ?????
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Your bike is a 3L1 Euro Custom, Euro/Brittish model. These bikes came out points into the Europe market.

The Relay on the right side below the solenoid is a points model Starter button shut off relay. This cuts out the starter moter when the engine starts so it is still not engaged.

There are SS Combined Reg/Rect for points model bikes. They usually have 2 pig tails, one with a green and brown wire and the other has 3 white, a red and black wires. ..............Some manufacturers have a different combination of wires and the link shows these different ones, has diagrams showing how the colours match the factory harness.

be careful when ordering the SS Reg/Rect as the charging system changes between the points models, (B type), and Factory Electronic Ignition, TCI, (A type charging system).

NOTE. Only if you have or buy a SS Reg/Rect, for TCI model XS650, (A type), and use it with a points model, (70-79, for Us models) and (70-82 for European model)s do you need to worry about isolating any brushes......................There is no need to concern your self with this unless you have bought the wrong SS Reg/ Rect or your bike is a US import withthat came from the factory with a TCI ignition

This link if for your bike with the B type charging system
Everything needed to know to Install a Points model, (B type charging system0), SS combined Reg/Rect is in that link.

After market SS Reg/Rect can be problematic. not all necessarily but there seems to be some, (going of some of the threads here), that do charge higher than 14.2/3 volts and around the 15 volts. Is that the Reg/rect normal output or a faulty one i cant help you there.

There is an option to make your own 3 Phase Rectifier and using an automotive Regulator.

Post #2, (5twins), relates to a points model, B type, Automotive reg and 3 Phase Rectifier
To choose the right regulator (an 'A' type or a 'B' type), you have to determine which style of alternator you have, the early or late. The brushes are wired up differently on the two types. Show us a pic of your alternator and brushes.
this is an old picture carbon brushes have been chahged
View attachment 217880

If this isn'twhat you have on your bike why post the pic.................Need updated, (pics), and/or descriptive wire colours you have on your bike................I have posted all the relivant information relating to a Points model bike and installing a B type Reg/Rect that is compatible with your Points model bike.

How about a full detailed analisis of the model of the Reg/rect you bought and any changes done to your Brushes
There were no changes to brushes just put new ones on exactly like the picture here. this picture is 2 minutes old .
Regulator rectifier was put on the bike a few years ago by me from M&P motorcycles exact fit and connectors for the bike.
Thanks Skull. The bazar thing was that it was not charging and now it is but too much, it was only charching at 13v now for some reason its charging 15.5v . im bamboozled
The regulator part of the Reg/Rect is not working properly.

That link to 5Twins part of his and Jims thread makes for a good reliable Reglator and rectifier system. Not as cheap to build in Europe as it is in the States but well worth it and cuts out the problem of substandard and costly SS Reg/Rectifiers.