Removing redundant TCI box

Jimbo W

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Devon, England
Got my '80 Special 11 back from Rick at Smedspeed today. Mikuni TM32 carbs & replacement coils & electronic ignition fitted. I want to remove the old TCI box now, it is mounted under the battery box & plugs in behind lefthand side cover. Is there an easy way to get to the 2 screws securing the unit I wonder? It looks like I might have to remove it along with the battery box but I'm not quite sure how that is held in place.
Any advice welcomed, thanks in advance.
If I remember correctly, I removed the lower plastic rear fender just aft of the battery box to get to 'em.
If it can wait until next time you have your rear wheel off, it's very easy. If original, can be tight. Shorty Phillips can help.
Seems like you can get straight up or nearly so with extensions from the bottom.
If they're badly rusted in, drilling the heads off would be an option.
Stock ex. Crossover might hinder that a bit... :umm:
Great thanks, one crosshead is very rusty so I'll spray them as a 1st step & have a go at it in next couple of days.
On a different topic - do we really need that huge 14ah battery in our bikes? I'd like to save about 10 lbs of weight with a lithium. Any likely problems with charging etc if I did that?