Reunited with XS650SH

My daughter wanted a purple motorcycle

I understand your Daughter's attraction to purple motorcycles.

Its my favorite color and I wanted a purple motorcycle too. Thats why I bought this 73 Honda CB350G in purple, Honda calls it "Iris".

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Next stop measure the bar diameter
I'll scope what I have on the 75 and measure everything !!
Here's what measurements I could get
The pullback angle I couldn't get
And the pullback I'm not sure how to get that figure
I scanned my results from the template and took a few more pictures maybe that will help
Scan_75 handke bars - Copy.png


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I'm going to give that a try cause the uros just aren't right for me there good for a short day trip just not for the long days long haul
Thanks !!
I was reading somewhere here about others using bars from a Honda 750 ?
It's like buying a pair of pants you can get close but until you try them on ya never know
Maybe it was the replica Goldwing bars being discussed ?
I pulled the carburetors. They "look" clean. The main jets look corroded. I can't read the number. The left pilot jet is plugged. I'm going to replace the jets. I will match it to the other bike. 42.5 pilot, 135 main, and 130 air jet. Since I'm not springing $150 for K&N filters, the air jet may have to be modified. At the moment, I have no serviceable air filters.

The petcock had a kit put in it, but the rebuild failed. I don't know if the fault is the kit or the rebuilder. I will give that another go this afternoon. If I have to buy a kit, I might have to use genuine OE. Parker Lube on the internals identifies it as my work. It was long ago.