Right now I'm listening to...

I wasn't listening to it, but I think this other S. Winwood song is the most depressing song ever written.
We've been doing pre 1840 style camping since 1986. If the camp has a tavern this song may be heard, among others.......
Here's a good macho song, if you haven't heard it.

When I was in school I was in a hangout restaurant across the street from the fine arts center and there was a group of four or five young guys sitting at a table near me who started impromptu singing songs like that. I figure they'd just finished a fine arts series concert across the street. It was pretty amazing. I'd never seen women actually swoon before...
Having seen Meatloaf in 1979 in Boston on the Bat out of Hell tour (an epic concert, I must say), he does reappear in my home
from time to time, but in only one place: the garage, at a thunderous volume.

Loudness button "on".

I know this changes the genre a bit, but at work today I am listening to this:

Hey Boog, I'll hear that and raise with this.......
My paternal haplogroup traces back to the Cimbri tribe in Juteland. That and a buck and a quarter will get ya a coffee to go at Speedway......lol. Maria Franz sure has a voice.
Bob, when you play this, does Mrs. Mailman insist that you dance with her ? :D

Do you know this album?
When I was a little kid I had a multiband radio and used to listen to this kind of thing on shortwave from Cuba when the meteorology was right.

I am very familiar with that album! I have put that in as background music before when I’m working out in my garage. It’s pretty cool.