Right now I'm listening to...

Watching the Ken Burns documentary this week, one segment featured a lot Waylon Jennings , God I forgot how much I used to like his music. Nobody is cooler than Waylon. I’ve been on a jag ever since, playing all his early stuff. In the 70’s I had this old beater Chevy stepside truck with no air conditioning, his music takes me right back to being a teen in that truck , driving around shirtless, long hair and cowboy hat with a Waylon Jennings 8 track tape jammed in the under dash player, cranked up!

OCMS - Old Crow Medicine Show, the country band with the rock attitude! These guys can do it!

Mary's kitchen, Greatest hustler of all, Wagon wheel, half mile down...
I'll throw some vinyl down for a bit......hmm....memory lane......Hugh? Nah, save that for later as its been some time since I've been responsible For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night.
Here ya go, pops, scratches and all plus no need to flip the disc.