Robin absolutely loved the camaraderie and friendships he developed on this forum. We spoke about this frequently. I was just one of many friends that Robin had here. He told me how much this forum meant to him. He talked about his family, his kids and grandkids, he was just one of those guys that was always cheerful, his upbeat attitude was infectious.





“ The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye.”
Jimi Hendrix September 17, 1970

Thanks for sharing your life with us my friend.
I'm saddened to hear this.........Condolences to robins family............... In the short time robin has been on here his positivity and graciousness has been an asset to the site......We will be worse off now................RIP Robin, See you on February's Calendar
Robin was a man of endlessly generous kindness, collegiality, and friendship. I join all of you around the world who miss him terribly.

He was also a home mechanic of exceptional thoroughness and technical curiosity. I've learned a ton of stuff from conversations sparked by Robin asking a question and teasing the details from answers.
that is such sad news ...
I shall really miss Robins friendship, especially his 'likes' that he always added to my posts every day. If I had had the opportunity to meet Robin I just know that we would have become friends as has every other forum member he met and rode or corresponded with.
His friendliness, help and congeniality will be sorely missed by us all every day
Rest in Peace my cyber buddy
This is terribly sad lose 2 respected members in such a small community is tragic.
Being a Canadian,as Robin was,I always felt a special connection with him.
Robin also seconded my nomination by 650skull for the 2019 calender which I appreciated.
My Condolences to his family,as well as his 650 family who knew him on a personal level.
We all will miss him here.
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Wow. That is all I can say. I am a relatively new member here but Robin was always one of the guys that without a miss would read and like just about everything I wrote as late as Saturday. His constant words of encouragement and advise helped me on every step of my build. Even the light ribbing about my OCD with my polishing put a smile on my face. I like to think it put one on his also.

You will be sadly missed my polishing partner in crime.

Here is to you Robin.:cheers: Rest In Peace.

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Wow, I am really taken aback by this news. I had just lost my mother in-law days after WER’s passing and now this. As many have already said I really respected Robin’s contributions and generally upbeat enthusiasm and support of other members. It is because of the fellowship and support of members like this that make us a community and not just Another online forum. My deep condolences to both our fellow fallen riders families. Nobody is ever prepared for this type of tragedy. May we all take note from this as each day is truly a gift to us all. With such vacancies being left behind here I hope we can all step up and keep the supportive community alive in our friends honor. RIDE IN PEACE!!!!
Oh, no no no! Not Robinc!

Hitintheheadfred, Weekendrider, and now Robinc?

It's like the great hereafter is calling up the reserves,
All the good guys.

Tragically, right at the moment when they should be enjoying the rewards of their efforts.

I'm honored, and glad, that Rob shared his adventures with us.
I'm glad that we could share with him.

What impressed me, unexpectedly, was Rob's exceptional attention to members postings, and his thoughtful/thorough responses, also in exceptional detail. Discourses with Rob were quite enjoyable, like having an A+ student, attentive, checking off every item, applying insight. I think half of my "likes" came from Rob.

Plus, the occasional Canuck twist.

Our "Prince of Polishing",
Locked and loaded.

Rest in peace buddy.
You will be sorely missed...
Hi All:

Just a quick note to let you know that I’ve been in contact with Robin’s son Jordan and he wanted to convey how touched he is with the kind words about his Dad. In all the hustle-bustle of daily life, people from all over the world are taking a moment to express their thoughts and memories and it means a lot, especially right now.

Sad to hear about Robin. He nominated my bike for this year's calendar and were recently communicating about paint and whether "Ford Tuxedo Black Metallic" would look good on his bike. Upon further inspection, it was determined that my bike was likely painted that same color and that his paint person would probably use the same color with some slight modifications. Heck of a nice guy. He will be missed. Rest In Peace.