September 8th -11th, 2022 Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous #26, Townsend, TN.


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Coldwater, Mississippi
September 8th -11th, 2022 Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous #26, Townsend, TN.

Event HQ at the Talley Ho Inn, 8314 State Highway 73 (off Lamar Alexander Parkway) Townsend, Tennessee, 800.448.2465 We will have a Friday ride for the early birds. Register early for a great rate. Contact Camden Price #691, Great Smoky Mountain Rendezvous Coordinator, Tennessee State Member Coordinator 615.812.0650. Usually on the weekend after Labor Day.

It's time to make a plan!
Best looking Special ever. Doug Whiteaker’s
I will try that tomorrow. Silly me for not jumping on it when my son committed by buying an XS to do this. Question. With all the marathon runners in the area, is there a points card for juniors, middle age, retired, golden age runners? Is there a pressure washer nearby?
How many rooms were reserved? Is this bigger than the Ozarks Rally?
If you take an average, it's probably about the same size. I think this year makes 26 years or something like that. Townsend has certainly grown much busier over the years. The Ozarks have grown on me due to the lack of traffic, but southern Appalachia is my favorite riding. The block of rooms taken is a good sign of a great time for 2022.