Side Cover Latches

Hey Guys! I'm debating doing a serious production run of parts identical to my original run and wanted to get some feedback first.

To the guys that got one of the originals:
  1. How are they holding up?
  2. Any suggested changes?
  3. Would you buy again if you were in the market or have you found something cheaper/better out there?

I'm looking at a run of about 200 sets to make it worth my time and to payback the tooling investment.

@MrBultaco @MaxPete @Norton7d @willis


I haven't actually used them yet (work...dammit) but they sure look nice!

I have them on my avatar bike...been installed for years. Work great and look the best. :cheers: I don't have another bike....yet, but would buy another set for sure.
Appreciate all the feedback!

If there are no requested changes, I will move forward with them as they are. My hope is to have something to show around the end of the year or early next so stay tuned.
I'm still tuned in. I have a need. I hope you're still up for doing this.