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Richland WA


“Houston, we have a problem”
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Richland WA
Hello, been wishing one of these 80 up single out breathers would be found for some time now.
But nope..
I like to use these in combination with an automotive brake booster check valve as shown.
Who could provide one for me ? Anybody please?
I’d like to send a gift card in return as payment for say Home Depot or somewhere as I have deleted PayPal for good due to fraud.

-Randy in Washington State USA
Thank you , I’m gonna hold out and let that rocker cover get found by someone who needs it.
appreciate the best reply yet however.

TBH the rocker covers really should be matched to the head, so the biggest value in that purchase would be the single outlet breather. I have purchased several of these covers just for the breathers, and tossed the covers in the bin or used them for frame / tank mockups.
C’mon nobody has one?
I’ll tell ya what , I can get hi grade weed here in this State , (no I don’t smoke it) trade that..
A new spin on Greenback Currency.......
The old saying "Pot will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no pot."
You running Uni's?
A second power brake booster and you'll have one for each pod....
Yes, big fan of UNI’s
For the simple look I go with the single and run the vapor hose down the frame and onto the rear tire (kidding)
Into the chain area.
But actually I’ve looked for drips from those vapor hoses before and haven’t seen enough to even call a drip..
Was So happy to receive this rare Single Outlet Breather !
Showed up just in time to paint it and go drive truck nite shift.
This morning, Here it is On there !
See why I was so determined and (im)patient to search this out? So stealthy and compact. Stainless screws, An automotive brake booster check valve on a short piece of sprinkler tube completes this component finally.


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