Solar Eclipse

Got a great spot for the eclipse. 20 private acres right on Lake Champlain so no crowds and the weather is looking fine here.
Lol, never heard of a solar eclipse causing a state of emergency response before the event, or even an eclipse causing enough damage to trigger a state of emergency response........till now🤣

You just wait, buddy!
Every day the norm is getting flipped to the absurd.......granted a total eclipse isn't the norm but you can catch my drift.
When is Oz having a total? Sanity may be restored by then, maybe not.......we'll see (if we're both not pushing up daisies by then.....) ; ^ )
We are right on the edge of the path. 99.9% totality. It was pretty cool. Just a sliver of the edge was still visible. Temp dropped about 10 degrees and felt like I had mu sunglasses on. We also experienced a circular rainbow due to the light overcast cloud formations. A very cool natural occurrence.
Meh, big bunch of hooey here but the price was right.
Sun got down to a sliver and there was an odd shadow at the bottom of the sliver that wasn't the moon.....kinda attached to the moons shadow, making the suns sliver only 3/4's......weird
Carpenter bees were confused, heard a wild tom turkey and one of the neighbors roosters crow.
Think I'd rather watch cats screw.
Lots of clouds made for mediocre viewing. We were lucky though because the cloud cover broke for less than a minute when the sun was 99.9% eclipsed. Pretty cool. For fun I tried my auto darkening weld helmet - no good.
When the show was just about over, wouldn’t you know it, clear blue skies. Lol
Spent the morning cutting and bending rebar. Then drove 30 miles to Wickcliffe KY for sunshine and totality. None of my eclipse shots turned out. A planet was visible near the sun. Then went back to cutting rebar and building a tornado shelter inside new home. Rained off and on yesterday rain expected next three days


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Not much to be seen here in Central NY. Could not even tell where the sun was in the sky before it started. So all we got was a change from heavy over cast to almost dark and back to heavy over cast. Maybe better next time, if I'm alive for that when ever it will be here again!

I did get the oil changed in two snow blowers and one push mower so day was not a total loss!
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