For Sale - SOLD 1981 project W/ Title


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Southaven, MS

I am afraid I have to get rid of my project/toy. Wife and I just had our first baby and I have no time for it anymore. I bought it in 2010 and have title in hand. I got a Visual Impact brat kit welded on by professional welder in Memphis.Pamco system with High output coil and PMA are already installed. Will crank and run like a top now, just needs a wiring harness made (or bought) I do still have complete original wiring harness, but it has seen better days. It has mag wheels with drum rear and disc front brakes.

Over $2000 invested total.

$1000 takes it!!

Pamco ignition system Part #14-0902
PMA kit and new camshaft (thanks Hugh!:thumbsup:).
Clubman bars
stainless front brake line

Parts lying around:
mirrors for bars
mini speedo and tach from MikesXS
5 3/4" Black Headlight w/ hi/lo
tag bracket with hot rod style taillight
La Rosa bobber seat
Harley King Sportster 3.1 gallon tank

Original Parts:
Everything that was on it orginally is in a box.
(ignitor box, air box, handlebar switches, etc. etc.)


1981 XS650
Yeah, I am in MS too and it is a long drive for me, so I feel you. If I had the cash and it were closer I would totally pick it up.
Shipper headed out of Southaven, MS at 10 am tomorrow just not enough time to nail everything down. Waiting on more quotes, and answers to questions, just MIGHT happen !!!! :D