Speedo install

Everything works😁 thanks for all your help and advice. Just need to figure out why my headlight doesn’t turn on when the bike starts. If I run my headlight low beam to the ignition on it should turn on right? Everything else works but that
If your Headlight warnig light works the headlight should have power and be working. The gauge light wire comes off the headlight wire. If it isn't the wiring it has to be something else
What was the solution.
I made sure I hade the right ground sorted. I was hooking my green wire to the blue wire as the instructions said and had the ground to a ground but it would flash when I hit my turn signals. I did what was suggested and hooked the ground witted to the light blue wire and the green wire to the positive ignition on and sure as shit it worked like it was suppose to
Headlight still won’t come on. It’s not the original. I ordered one and this this wiring for it. According to the original wiring diagram it’s all hooked up right but nothing.


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Reason I’m asking is if it’s a standard HL bulb do you have power across the socket?
See if you have power to the socket. If you do then perhaps it’s just a bulb?