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I'm looking for spokes for a 72 18" rear drum and spokes for a 79 19" front with rotor. At some point I would like to replace the rims on each as well as find a drum for the front. Anyways I have found this stuff online at various stores, but figured I ask around here to see if I can find better deal. Thanks


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Buchanan's not cheap, on the plus side they'll fabricate spokes for any rim/hub combination you can come up with, they offer quality materials and workmanship and if there's a problem they'll correct it.
For redoing stock XS stuff for which aftermarket is readily available from one of the previously mentioned sources I'd opt for that.
I've used Buchanan's a couple times years ago for odd wheel combo's and you can't beat them but for stock combo's which I believe you have I'd go with the others.
I am getting ready to try lacing my first wheel on a CL77 project. I have watched all the video's. did a couple of dry runs on the inner spokes only, but I still think it involves some type of Voodoo..........I have made up my mind, I will do it, I am 75 so I hope I live long enough.......

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