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Ever since I wrapped up my ‘75 build I’ve been on the prowl for another project. I decided that since I have so many leftover parts from the ‘75 that it would be best to secure another standard frame and use my leftover parts to build another. Finding a titled frame nearby on the cheap proved harder than I thought. But persistence paid off when I saw a FB Marketplace ad. It was a little farther away that I wanted, but still within reach. The ad read: 1976 Yamaha 650, no title, has key, motor turns free. $500.
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Since I don’t do social media, I asked my coworker to send them a message. A reply followed within the hour. A woman was listing it for her father, so she provided his phone number. The guy answered right away. He is retired and a part time scrapper (my industry). He had cleaned out a woman’s barn and the bike was in there. She told him it was her deceased husbands bike and had been parked there since 1987. The expired license plate indicated this was accurate. As part of their agreement for the clean out, she told him to take it. This guy was not into bikes, and only saw it as scrap value, so I knew he would negotiate on his price.

Today I made the 2 1/2hr drive with cash in pocket and hopes set high. This bike is FILTHY! Like it’s been sitting in a barn for 34 years. Inspection resulted in the following: exhaust- roached. Seat - toast. Fork seals blown, but no rust on tubes. Tank was a little crusty inside, but totally salvageable. The exterior is in good shape with no visible dings. Side cover also in good shape. A little rust on top of the left cover. Misc surface rust on frame. Motor- leaky head gasket and points covers. Plugs looked decent. Compression- left 90, right 100. I didn’t push it too much trying to get readings. Carb slides not stuck!

I dinged him on the exhaust and low compression. Used that as leverage in my offer. $350 and we were loading her up. Pictures to come… having a few phone issues and need to head to my daughters game. Will update more later tonight.


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Good find Rob!! Watching with interest.
Remarkably, the tires were still holding air. The wheels look to be in good shape too. When I got home I unloaded about 40 lbs of the add-on… ie… windshield (Arthur Fulmer!), luggage and backrest, crash bars. Looking better already. This weekend I may take the hose to it and see what I am working with.
Yep, I knew it was a 77 when I saw the Bountiful Blue and the instrument cluster. Odometer is just shy of 12k.
On my way home I stopped at the BMV for a discussion of titling options. Had the sheriff deputy come out and run the vin to verify its clean, which it was. Then sent to the courthouse to file a court order to claim a title. $97 later, I have a hearing in a few weeks for the court to declare ownership. Will then send to the State BMV office and get a clean title issued!!! Can’t believe it went that smooth. I guess that’s a benefit of a small community. They actually want to help you. Imagine that.? And it only took an hour to do all this.
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Good score.... Oh the fun you're going to have..... been there... :)
That ammeter was mounted on the crash bars. I bet this was a pretty deluxe ride back in the day with all these accessories.
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I did check, and it is a numbers matching motor too. The bike came from a barn near Crawfordsville, IN. It also has a cool little dealer button on the gas cap, as well as a dealer plate holder. No way to tell if it was the original owner though.


I don’t plan on keeping any of this stuff though. My thoughts are just to build a no frills, stripped down scooter. Leaning towards some high pipes, but will see how things pan out. I already have the following parts on hand to throw at it: CB750 handlebars (internal wiring), replacement hand controls and grips, seat cover (foam appears decent and reusable), master cylinder, mini turn signals and tail light (if I decide to keep). Cutoff special pipes for now but will need mufflers, cutdown front fender. I am considering eliminating the signals and gauges altogether, but will just have to see how thing clean up and what kind of condition the wiring harness is in. Oh yeah, almost forgot I have a BBK laying around too. It’s either that or bore out to 700 with the OVERSIZE piston kit I also have. Decisions, decisions!
I am hesitant to use the power washer, but I think it will need it. I’ll definitely strip off the tins and battery first if I decide to go for that. I’ll wash those by hand. My powerwasher isn’t terribly powerful, but certainly stronger than my garden hose.
I am hesitant to use the power washer, but I think it will need it. I’ll definitely strip off the tins and battery first if I decide to go for that. I’ll wash those by hand. My powerwasher isn’t terribly powerful, but certainly stronger than my garden hose.
Look at it this way... if the washer blows it off, that a good heads up it needed fixin' anyway. :laugh2:
I tried while I was at my daughters game between sets. Damn WiFi kept kicking me off. That barn was literally 200 yds from where I got the bike. Not the barn it lived in, but when I saw it I thought specifically of that thread and took the picture. It’s a unique barn and way out in the sticks.