Starter gear A case post removal


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So, I believe the mount for starter gear "A" is a press fit into the case. I vaguely recall reading it can be removed, but I can't find any information anymore... I vapor blasted my cases and I need to ensure I get all the media out of that pocket!

I've tried hitting it with some heat and it's currently soaking with PB blaster in the access hole. Light taps with a brass drift and hammer on the small exposed tab do nothing.

Pics and parts diagram for reference. Part is unlabeled and on lower right in the fiche. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone!!


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They come out easily. Prop case on side in BBQ starter post down. Make sure enough room for post to fall clear of case. Light BBQ close lid and wait for clunk of post falling out.
To install make alignment tool to guide post into correct position for retaining screw. I use a bit of ally rod with a 6mm thread. Heat case as before, cool post in freezer. When ready drop post into position.
Hahaha, nope i never tried it. I tried the heating method with a heat lamp and a torch, but still no luck...
I have so far not had a reason to take one of these out - or put it in. I however by coincidence noted that my gas grill was a great tool to get the cylinder sleeves out and in - super easy !