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I have a XS2 that I just finished restoring, almost. The starter would slip or just spin sometimes so I installed a new gear/spring and clip. I got it in and now it is worst. It mostly spins now. I pulled the left gear cover off and everything there is OK. I think I have to pull the clutch cover off again. I might just put the old one back in. The teeth on the gear looked fine. What else could be causing this? I placed the battery on charge just in case it could be low but I do not think that is the problem. I will try it again in the morning. Anyone have any ideas?The picture is the old one.

Sometimes even a new drag clip is weak and needs to be bent tighter. Test it with a fishing scale to make sure it's tight enough. Here's a good how-to thread .....

And recently, this came along, a better way to bend the clip tighter again .....

This. My bike does the same thing, haven't installed a new clip yet, but from what I've been reading, you need to squish a part of the clip in a vise to make it tighter, about 8lbs I believe. 4lbs is said to be too weak.
I put the old one back in and it now seems to work. The problem I have now is the clutch basket nut stripped out. All the threads pulled out. Crap..