Stolen bike. My Bike

Friends and family can screw you the worst because they know you and they know what you may or may not be willing to do if they screw you over. And i would never trust a stranger. That being said I won't even buy a battery for a bike until it is mine and in my name.
We all pay for education in some way as we go along in life. Usually by messing up along the way. Some lessons just cost us more than others and it's not always just a monetary loss. Sucks every time though. :(
It sounds like you did what I have been telling people for years not to do. You invested a lot of money in a bike you didn't have a title too.
This may sound cold but you deserve what you got.
You should have gotten the title in both you and your friends names. This way you would have to both sign off on it to sell it.
When it comes to money trust no one. Family is even worse than friends.
I would just chalk this up as a learning experience and then forget it. Get on with your life.
I learned a long time ago if I lend $20 to someone and never see them again it's money well spent.

Good post Leo. :thumbsup:
Here is the latest update. He is apparently stripping the bike to return my parts. He had the balls to send me this.


Guessing I'm not getting the tires. He say he wants all the parts that were removed before I get my stuff back. Here is the kicker, he took it all to the scrapper. How the F am I going to replace parts that he himself tossed to the trash??? True colours are shining through. F'ing waste of skin.
Unfocused that's Unfortunate. Doesn't sound like the guy is reasonable from his tweet either! You might just have to take the loss, Probably going to cost you more than the worth of the bike if you take it to court.

Damn...If my friend or family ever pulled that shit!!!
What parts do you need. Ask for a list. I am sure within the community we can scrounge up said parts.

Hell I have a 82 that has all the parts there, most of them are not worth scrap but they are 'parts'
Well. I'd need a bike. Pretty much everything that bolted on was mine. Tank, seat, controls, etc. etc. Back to square one for me. At least I won't need to buy any of the expensive bits again. That is if I get them back in one piece. I'm really unsure in what condition I'll get them back in.
Unfocused that's Unfortunate. Doesn't sound like the guy is reasonable from his tweet either! You might just have to take the loss, Probably going to cost you more than the worth of the bike if you take it to court.

Damn...If my friend or family ever pulled that shit!!!

You should see some of the delightful text messages I've received over the past 24 hours.
there are 2 sides to every story. We are only hearing yours and i suspect there is more to it than you are letting on. Not trying to bag you, just as my first sentence reads and posting a thread like this is also looking for sympathy and encouragement to call your ex friend a ouch, when, again only one side of the story.
Very true Skull, but if you ask him I'm sure you won't get the same story twice. This isn't a sob story of some forum member looking for free handouts. I've just been screwed over and that's what I was sharing. Read over my build thread. Do you think I would invest 2 years into creating a thread, entering a motorcycle into a bike show in my name only to create a huge lie?

I do understand that yes, there are 2 sides to every story. But I have done more than I have been asked for to live up to my end of the bargain throughout this whole ordeal.

In a nut shell, here it is:

Get his KZ550 running and the XS is mine

Changed to, buy me a DYNA 2000 ignition and the XS is mine

Spoke to the guys at DYNA and they told me that the DYNA 2000 was not the system he needed so I ordered the correct kit, adding new coils and wires.

He wasn't happy with the correct kit, so he asked for $200 more. Ok???

Got the XS to the point it could be entered into the show

Placed better than him, he got pissed.

I still continued building the XS to get it road worthy

My sister dies

Dave, the guys garage the bike was is, dies

Jeff tells me to give the family space to grieve, ok

Months go by, I finally call to get it out of there, Jeff finds out, flies off the handle

Try to obtain the registration, Jeff tells me that he has already transferred the title into his own name.

$#!t get real ugly! Jeff tries to get another $1000 from me for the bike. (I don't think he likes the fact that it turned out better than his bike)

Words are spoken, threats are made.

Bike is in pieces.

Let me add a couple points here, he was pissed that I was selected to be in the back talk section of The Horse, and about a month ago, I was contacted by to be their bike of the month for October. Who i have contacted and withdrawn the bike. I believe that is what put him over the edge.

Again this is only my side of the story, I know. Believe what you will. Jeff is very unstable and I think there maybe drugs involved currently.

But again this is how I see it. He may very well disagree. He is not a member of this forum and probably will never be.
People have been killed for less that this!
This man has no fear of YOU.
This is the problem.
At this point I can see that You should just take the parts if he will GIVE them to You.
Maybe at some point in the future You can take care of the fear problem.
Sounds like your "boy" needs a beating!!!!

Sure does, but I'm not the kind of guy to do that. Never been in any fisticuffs and dont plan on it.

Carbon: I know. I am really too much of a nice guy. A push over per say. It is my biggest downfall. Live and Learn. I'll get what I can and chalk the rest up to experience. Live and learn. I'm a dummy. :doh:
Being a nice Guy is not a fault Brother.
Not everyone is a warrior.
then maybe use whatever passive aggressive method that will get You some satisfaction here then.
That can work very well for You.
No putdown here but females have been using passive aggressive methods to get even with us forever. And we know how much that sucks.
Id love to help but when I tried to visit Canada I was only allowed to Leave.... That is after a very thorough vehicle search and interrogation!! LOL.. Something about an agg battery I was charged (not convicted of) when I was 17.... I was 27 at the time of rejection... Hahaha... Thats ok all the other countries i have traveled to seem to love my $$$$!!
Still working on getting my stuff back. Sending my people over Saturday morning for collections. Still kinda unsure of what he expects in return from me, seeing that the majority of the parts that were removed from the bike went into the trash. I guess I'll need to wait and see just what kind of mood he'll be in. I'm going to review my build thread to see if I have missed anything from my extensive list of parts.

But one thing I know for sure is I'm keeping my distance.