Stolen bike. My Bike

LMFAO, if you only knew the truth.:laughing:

One thing I did just do was read my build thread from start to finish. Brought back some really good memories. It's unfortunate the way things have turned out. Here's hoping karma bites that f@cker in the ass.
I have to agree with JD750 and XSLEO that you should just consider this a lesson. That title should have been transferred out of the POs name before work commenced.

Hey an XS650 isn't worth a helluvalot no matter whats been done to it.
I know, I know. I am partially to blame for entrusting a friend with the paperwork for the bike. But once I get my parts back he will basically be in the same boat as me. The majority of the bike was built around the parts which are mine.

I'll just chalk this up to experience. Live and learn.
Hay UNFOCUSED it's not the money it's the point behind it I know,I sold a car to a frend/co-worker sold it as is not running ( I told him I had never heard it run got it in a trade with other parts and cars)when he got it runing the clutch was bad so he would not pay me and sold the car with out payment to me. he found outWHAT GOS AROUND COMES AROUND.
Dang man...I think all the advice available has been given at this point...just hate to hear stories like this. You'd like to imagine that friends...especially good ones are the kind of people that would be HELPING you go get your stolen bike back from some punk...not the people that are stealing from you. This is why when I do work on peoples minute as the work may be...I always have them sign and date a written agreement...even a quickly written scrap is better than nothing if it comes to a situation like this. Sucks to hear this is happening it possible to argue something against his current (mental) state given the recent deaths and what not? Just a thought.

again...i'm not a lawyer and never will be
Nope. He got evicted and did a midnight move. I've moved on from the situation. Karma is a bitch and what comes around goes around. I have learned a valuable lesson from all this. Currently searching for a new project.
Here man too bad you didn't get t anything out of him.
if you're interested, I can give you a good price for mine. Wife has been off work for a year and money out don't match money in if you know what I mean ;)
I know what you mean bro, my wife has been looking for work since June. A single income and 3 kids don't go together very well. Epically when my youngest needs to be on a special diet. If circumstances were different....